Construction Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Construction Dust After Building Work

Proper cleanup after a large remodeling project does take a considerable amount of time and is often a lengthy process. So what is the best way to clean construction dust after a renovation project has been completed? There are several different ways to do construction cleaning once your project has been completed. Thanks to a great deal of vacuuming and wiping, you will eventually be able to tackle all the dust and debris left in order to get your home sparkling again.

Air Circulation

Opening all the windows and doors and blowing air out using fans should be done both during construction and after, as it will help to clear dust that is airborne and bring in fresh air. Dust particles should never be breathed in for any period of time, so removing dust that is floating around is advisable.


This is one of the best ways to eliminate dust. A shop vac for hard surfaces is strong enough to pick up even the smallest dust particles. Make sure you use a good filter though to prevent dust from going back into the air instead of being trapped in the filter. Replace the filter regularly as this allows for optimal suction. If any surface is too delicate to vacuum, simply use a damp cloth or mop this area. Remember to vacuum carpets also.

Moist and Wet Wiping

Wiping down work surfaces after you vacuum should be done also. Use a damp, clean cloth dipped in some water and cleaner is your best cleaning method. Nothing fancy is required; the dust just needs to be removed without spreading it around. Consider using a barely damp cloth that is rinsed thoroughly during your wipe-downs. If the surfaces are porous, such as wood or walls, drying your surface after you wipe it prevents water damage.

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