Janitorial Cleaning Service at Its Finest

Have you ever thought that your dirty office can give your potential clients a bad impression? Unfortunately, it does. Your dirty office does not only make your employees less efficient, it can also leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. With so much on your mind, however, cleaning your office is the last thing on your priority list. Have you considered outsourcing your janitorial cleaning service needs? This might be the answer to your dilemma, and you can rely on Alabama Custodial Systems LLC to help you with it. We are at the forefront of the cleaning industry in Birmingham, AL, so there is no one better to help you with your predicament than us. If you want to better understand how we can help you, you should pay close attention to what we say.

Carpet Cleaning – This is a basic janitorial cleaning service that we offer. Being a cleaning expert has made us understand that a filthy carpet can cause allergy attacks and trigger respiratory ailments. Other than that, we have realized that most commercial-grade carpet shampoos contain poisonous substances that are as toxic as the microorganisms they will kill, so we stay away from these things. Instead, we use baking soda to clean your carpet.

Our first step in this job would be to inspect the entire carpet and take note of those old spots. We would need to identify what caused them so that we can apply the correct solution to treat them. Once we have removed all stains on your carpet, we would sprinkle a cup of baking soda on it. It has to stay there for at least thirty minutes before we vacuum it.

You should not hesitate to ask help from Alabama Custodial Systems LLC for your janitorial cleaning service needs. As one of the leaders of the cleaning industry in Birmingham, AL, we can de-clutter your office and sanitize it while you and your employees focus on more important things. Does this sound promising? Then call us now at (205) 277-0829 for more cleaning solutions.

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