Not Sure Which Janitorial Service to Use? Part One

Which Janitorial Service Jobs Require Union membership or Licensing?

You can find janitor positions can in various different sectors, ranging from offices, hospitals, schools or government buildings to name but a few. In smaller businesses, it is not likely janitor jobs need any special licensing or union membership, apart from bonding and insurance. However, there will be a few positions, which could call for both.

With most cases, a janitor will work as an employee for a

janitorial service

, contracted by other individual businesses. In cases such as these employees may require bonding. As most businesses have their premises cleaned after business hours, being bonded and insured then becomes necessary for the service provider. Also, they will require individual criminal background checks to fill these positions.

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Not Sure Which Janitorial Service to Use? Part Two

Which Commercial Cleaning Service Jobs Require Union Membership or Licensing?

Further to our previous blog, some direct hire janitor jobs, like the ones in schools and hospitals, could need some training or


. For instance, previous training or experience in electrical, plumbing and HVAC work could be a prerequisite for many janitor jobs, and depending on the employer, people may have to join a union too.

Depending on the employer, some janitor jobs fall under labor, public employee or service employee unions. Membership means taking a set amount from a

person’ s

paycheck to pay the union, in exchange, each person will receive

better working

conditions and benefits. The amount of money payable will vary. Custodial or janitor jobs held in public school districts come under union rules too.

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